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IamNoMad is the story of two young travellers, Alex and Francis, with a vision to challenge the societal description of "living". We’ve been travelling around the world for a couple of years now, and nothing has allowed us to evolve as profoundly as all of these trips and adventures we've experienced. We have lived and learned through ways in which routine cannot show you.


We then came to the conclusion that traveling is multidimensional - it's not about taking a vacation, but rather adopting a different way of living. What is it that makes travelling so life-changing? Why is it so addictive? The answer is clear and simple - When you travel, you live in the present moment. Nothing else matters but what is happening in the now. For a few days, weeks or months, you truly and fully live in state of complete self-awareness.

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"Live your dream don't dream your life"


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