As we landed in Iceland, we were still trying to figure out the perfect itinerary for this month’s long camping road trip. It's important to us to take advantage of every second, without overloading our day to take the time to fully enjoy the experience. We’ve never really been the planning type, we like to deal with whatever comes our way in the moment allowing ourselves to act more freely and intuitively. Acting out in this spirit is what keeps us going. This mind set is what brought us new friendships and wonderful opportunities.





After spending 6 weeks in Patagonia, we are now in the land of fire and ice. Most people come to Iceland for a few days, 2 weeks at the most. Us on the other hand planned to stay here for one full month. This way, we can reach and explore deeper and get lost in this desolate lunar landscape. Mostly, we are back pursuing the night sky’s best performance, the northern lights. 



The challenge with this unbelievable prestation of the sky is that it’s completely unpredictable, everything has to be perfectly aligned. First of all, you need to be far from any kind of light, cities, highways and even the moon could ruin the brightness and magic of a northern light. Then, if you’re lucky enough, you get a period of clear and unclouded sky, which rarely happens here. Finally, the most important aspect to witness an aurora is the solar activity around the earth’s atmosphere. 


Considering all those aspects, we decided to put the odds on our side and spend as much time as possible on the Icelandic land. The halt and struggle is worth it, we know that all we need is a glimpse of it's shine to be completely overwhelmed and amazed. It’s also a good opportunity for us  to wander through the uncrowded and unknown wonders of this beautiful country.





We want to experience for ourselves why this place is so mesmerizing. Without a doubt within only a few years this destination will have become a touristic wonderland. Considering all the beauty and diversity of the landscapes, with volcanoes, hundreds of waterfalls and natural hot springs as well as the burning desire for people to get lost into the wilderness. 


When you think about it, it  might sound a little bit crazy to put ourselves in such harsh and challenging conditions just to witness an aurora, but trust me, there is nothing more pure and more impressive. When you’re there standing in the cold, looking up at the sky all you wish for is that each essentiel factor for the manifestation of the northern light be in accord to witness its magnificence.

Most of the time it starts slowly, a big ray across the sky, you can’t really tell what it is.  After a few hours, the real show begins! The one that will be engraved in your head and heart forever. Everywhere you look , all you see is green, the whole universe seems covered. They’re dancing and moving like spirits coming down on earth to send you a message. All you feel is joy, you feel lucky and accomplished. You know that nature has allowed you to see it’s most beautiful creation!



If we’re lucky enough, Iceland will provide us with some of the best northern lights on the planet. Until then, we’ll be exploring and soaking in all the natural hot springs we can find, not bad for an alternative i’d say ! 



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