When you travel to Iceland in the winter time, there’s nothing better than a hot spring to warm your heart up. We wanted to find the hidden spots where we could completely relax and enjoy the scenery. We didn’t want to spend a fortune in commercial places and managed to find amazing places, here’s our 5 favorite’s!




This beautiful hot spring river is less than an hour drive from Reykjavik. The river has many seating areas and different temperatures to please everyone. It can get crowded so we recommend going early in the morning.

Directions: When you get to the town of Hveragerdi, take road 376 toward Rekjaldur valley until you reach a parking lot. From the parking area, follow the marked trail for a 4 km hike through an impressive geothermal field.


2- Krosslaug 

 This spot has 2 kinds of hot spring to offer,one of them is a hot swimming pool and the other is a smaller pond by the ocean. The view surrounding  you is just incredible, you can even see the Snaefellsnes Peninsula on clear days. 

 Directions: Driving west on road 62, reach the hamlet of Krossholt. You will notice smoke coming from the side of the ocean with facilities and a big swimming pool. 



We had heard of a secret lagoon in Flúðir, but the 50$ entrance fee was a bit too much for us so we decided to change our plans. After a few researches, we found this epic spot that was free and uncrowded, only minutes away from town. It was so perfect that we stayed there for 2 days, camping a few kilometers from the hot spring. It has a little shack to change clothes and 2 baths where you can soak. It’s a really good spot to enjoy your morning coffee and get lost in your thoughts.

 Directions: From the town of Flúðir, turn left onto road 344. Drive for about 3 km and turn right on road 345. After passing the church, turn right again on the first road, the parking lot will be on your left. Walk for about 2 minutes, above the hill and across the river and you’ll find the spot.



This paradise is located at the entrance of Drangsnes, right by the ocean, with a breathtaking view. You can choose between 3 different pots, with varying temperatures. There is changing facilities and washrooms to rinse yourself before entering the hot spring. This place is maintained through donations, so be generous and respectful please! 

Directions: In the Westfjords, driving east on road 645, you’ll arrive to the town of Drangsnes. The tubs are just before the gas station, on the right side of the road and across the street from the church.


5- Hvalfjardarlaug in Hvammsik

The best hot spring in Iceland, in our opinion, is starting to become a victim of its popularity. We struggled to find this amazing place and hesitated before getting

there. It’s located on a private road and it’s kind of forbidden to swim in it, but we only live once right? Adding to the magic of the place, the sunset reflects red and orange shades on the mountains in the background, a scenery directly from heaven.

Directions: If you are driving on highway 1 from Reykjavik, turn right onto route 47. After about 20 km, take the private road to the left toward Hvammsvik. Follow this road and turn right when you arrive to the first farm, keep going until your reach the shore and the hot spring will be to the left about 600 meters further by foot.



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